Extrasensory-Aesthetics Research Working-Group

  • b. 1990 in Prague, bratislava
  • Currently in Prague, Bratislava.
  • The research group for extrasensory aesthetics was established in spring 2017. Its members, Jan Kolský, Vojtěch Märc, Matěj Pavlík and Peter Sit, explore the history of Czechoslovak psychotronics and psychoenergetics in its local and international.

Localization of Geopathological Zones

  • 2019
  • 75 min

  • Localization of Geopathological Zones in Kurzor Gallery, Prague
  • Geopathological Zoning - thumbnail Localization of Geopathological Zones - thumbnail Conditions of Impossibility VII/VII: The Psychopathology of the Planet - group exhibition, curator: Václav Magid - thumbnail

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    Geopathological Zoning | 2019

Series of photograms works with depiction of phenomenon of geopathogenic zones which have, according to studies, negative effect on the living organisms. Photograms show maps of deaths and serious illnesses in correlation with occurrence of geopathogenic zones in specific locations spanning from public hospitals, private flats, and here though its depiction in the gallery itself to the nearby area of abruptly rising cost of living which is considered as a particular occurrence of pathogenity of the city as organism and of life in it. This artworks is based on the research into the phenomenon of geopathogenic zones which was also part of the czechoslovak psychotronics research. As part of the artwork we invited dowser to conducted demarcation of the geopathogenic zones in the exhibition space.