• b. 1992
  • Currently in Prague, Zurich and New York.



  • 2016

  • Performance and screening at Jacob Riis Houses, New York, 2016

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    Staged Tragedy of Alphabet City, Act I. TOKEN | 2016 - 2017

This took place in New York, which is in our opinion the top (non-)diversifying system of creativity distribution. We interfaced nature-based materials and electronic waste. We repurposed long stilt-like dead tree branches found in city parks and also took apart and re-installed broken HD TVs in the city parks' most remote corners to create street-side modes of presentation. These presentations occurred inside public housing plazas as well as outside the Plaza Hotel. For example, the token-like sculpture modeled upon an entirely different public housing amphitheater by our good friend and close colleague Jimena Mendoza, fit perfectly into Tarr’s statue in the Jacob Riis projects of Alphabet City, Manhattan.