Exhibition: Oct 16, 2015

Open Art Biennial


OpenART is Scan­di­navia’s biggest public art bien­nial, running for twelve weeks in Örebro, Sweden. At its fifth edition in 2015, OpenART commits once again to turning the city upside down, with art that surprises, intrigues and inspires.

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Good art can inspire, delight, provoke, revolt or startle. The brain grows when it faces chal­lenges. In an overall perspec­tive, art has an impor­tant role in social devel­op­ment, resisting the dark forces and super­fi­cial, mate­rial values. Art gives thoughts, stim­u­lates the entre­pre­neurial spirit, builds sustain­ability and encour­ages consid­er­a­tion. At OpenART, we create an energy field outside the tradi­tional norms of elitist art. Here, the ambi­tion is high and ideas are bold.

Our work field stretches from Sweden and Europe to the entire world. We find inspi­ra­tion in our inter­na­tional outreach and we learn to break patterns and raise the bar with every edition we orga­nize. For many, OpenART is a delightful expe­ri­ence. The partic­i­pating artists acknowl­edge that they will be profes­sion­ally treated and that they have an oppor­tu­nity to develop them­selves in an inter­na­tional art arena that has become a magnet for art aficionados and tourists. The artists and the people in Örebro become ambas­sadors that spread the word with pride.

OpenART is a collab­o­ra­tion between the private and the public sector. The attrac­tive­ness of our bien­nial results from our courage to strive for inno­va­tion and high quality. There­fore, it is always art and content that are the best voice for OpenART.

Lars Jonnson
Director & Curator



  • Oct 16, 2015


  • Krämaren Gallery
  • Örebro, Sweden