Exhibition: May 3 - Jun 1, 2016

Objects of Subjectivity

Works by: Vasilena Gankovska, Andreas Heller, Markus Jeschaunig, Luiza Margan


One particular project for a specific exhibition space contains a large dose of initial and in this sense "false" artistic inspiration provoked by the space itself. In a formal sense - by its architectural features, its size and shape, its location in an urban environment etc. In an intellectual sense - by its history, its past life, its social importance and the private cases associated exactly with that space.

For the viewer the physical space has the meaning of an object, and therefore he / she perceives it absolutely passive - considering only the objective architectural and visual features.
The position of the artists is opposite - it is active and in this sense it is manipulative.

The "false" initial inspiration by the objective perception is very quickly changed by the subjective artistic desire to transform the object into a subject. Thus the position of the artist is definitely critical. The personal artistic presentation goes through the process of critical reflection and creation of dialogic subjects.
The exhibition explores the whole process of a subjective "takeover" of the objectivity of the space. Of course the strategies are different.

Andreas Heller tries to look at different kind of little objects - to find an archetype for every basic aspects of objects in general. He creates a personal mythology associated with them.

Vasilena Gankovska confronts the gallery architecture from the 1960s with images of socialist and post-socialist buildings.

Markus Jeschaunig trying to set up 'perpetual motion’ by waste light reflections of the city / public space.

Through her sculpture Luiza Margan activates the relation of the gallery and the street, between private and urban space and the power positions (of viewing and being viewed) that they apply.



  • May 3 - Jun 1, 2016


  • Kunstraum LLLLLL
  • Seidlgasse 14, 1030 Wien
  • Vienna, Austria