Exhibition: Nov 7 - 28, 2014

Origins Originated from Originative Originals

by Tsuyoshi Anzai (JP), Chimera Art Award Winner 2014


Chimera-Project’s next exhibition, opening on the 6th November presents the Japanese kinetic and video artist and Chimera Art Award winner, Tsuyoshi Anzai.

The goal of the founders of the Chimera Art Award, namely Chimera-Project Gallery and Works.io, a professional online portfolio platform is to help emerging artists get visible on an international level and boost their career.

The Chimera Art Award received 546 applications from 74 countries. Tsuyoshi Anzai’s portfolio was chosen by an international jury, consisting of Viktor Frešo, a prominent Central European artist, Zsolt Petrányi, head of the contemporary collection at the Hungarian National Gallery and 7×8 Curators, an independent curator collective. The prize of Anzai career booster package: a solo exhibition at the Chimera-Project Gallery in Budapest with an exhibition budget of 1000 USD, an exhibition review and a Pro Package on the career-manager online platform, Works.io.

The exhibition is Anzai’s first solo show in Europe and at the same time a great opportunity to introduce Japanese contemporary art in Hungary. Therefore after the jury’s decision, we initiated a collaboration with the Japanese Foundation, who enabled the artist to install the show in person in Budapest, and furthermore helped to organize a workshop and a presentation that will be held by the artist. Next to that, the Japanese Foundation put Anzai’s exhibition on his autumn art program “V4+Japan exchange” what will draw even more attention to the mentioned events. 

In the center of Anzai’s work are constructions and small machines made from everyday objects. Variating and putting together the pieces is often part of the artwork itself. However, these machines go beyond the simple human – machine opposition and they also not resemble robots in science-fiction. They share an ironical and playful atmosphere but at the same time they question the stability of our conceptions by which we interpret the world. The exhibition proposes a certain instability also with it’s title – Origins Originated from Originative Originals – and as the artist puts it, it questions the originality and validity of things/objects. While constructing machines from different and non-matching objects, the original one deconstructs itself, loses its former function and a new, abstract meaning is created. 

Machines are the fundamental elements of Anzai’s world. This motive variates in different levels and one can notice how the machines transform and take an independent character. Beside the experimental video works and small kinetic structures, there will be four works on view, which will give further introduction into Anzai’s methods. One of the works, called Encounter with the Doppelganger will be created during a workshop at Chimera-Project on the 27th of October between 6-8pm. (The workshop is open for the public, but previous registration is needed, RSVP info@chimera-project.com). After the opening of the show, on the 7th November 5pm Anzai will guide a tour through his exhibition and presents his works and his personal view on Japanese contemporary art. 

The installation, Somewhere in the Ballpark takes place in a post-apocalyptic future and presents the research of two men. As finding everyday objects from our time, they are trying to pair them with names, raising the question whether things have stabil, fix meanings. In the installation Sweet Dreams Anzai tries to capture the atmosphere of nightmares. He collects personal nightmare stories from different people and after asks them to draw it, which he further transforms into animation. The interesting part of the Budapest exhibition is that beside already collected Korean nightmares also Hungarian ones will be recorded and made “visible”. One can notice the familiar machine constructions in Stop MAKE-ing Machine, bereaved by their original function. The installation reminds us of a slightly chaotic, perpetual-motion machine. Finally, Anzai’s latest project called Encounter with the Doppelganger will be created during a workshop at Chimera-Project. The participants of the workshop will be invited by the artist to construct copies of already existing machines following Anzai’s instructions. By this the workshop will be also a field for researching originality and seriality.




  • Nov 7 - 28, 2014


  • Chimera-Project
  • Klauzál tér 5
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • 1072


  • Tue–Fri: 3-6pm