Exhibition: Aug 14 - Sep 26, 2021

Glacier Sunset

Miroslava and Vladimíra Večeřovy


This project, conceptualised by sisters Miroslava and Vladimíra Večeřovy, responds to the new long-term dramaturgy of Entrance Gallery, which has been focusing on the issues of ecological sustainability and the relationship between humans and the environment since 2020. The exhibition of the Večeřovy sisters reflects the specific season in which it takes place, summer and the time of harvest, with its pivot point being the processing of medicinal herbs through the traditional process of maceration (leaching in oil) that they employ. The installation, comprised of the authorial glass vessels, will develop and change over time as the macerate matures. The artists will then distribute the macerate to the visitors at the end of the exhibition. The exhibition project is an expression of the relationship with the gift of nature and its healing powers that both artists cherish.

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  • Aug 14 - Sep 26, 2021


  • Entrance Gallery
  • Prague, Czech Republic