Exhibition: Nov 11 - Dec 11, 2019

A Room for Both of Us


a participatory exhibition based on the storytelling of female graduates from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno

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In her project A Room for Both of Us, Martina Smutná delves into the history of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology, through data collection and painting processing and revives memories of female graduates who in the past studied painting in several studios at FFA. The published interviews, which are part of the exhibition, form a collection of artists' stories. The story of eleven former students of painting, with whom the author met and had a dialogue, is a subjective description of a piece of the past of one institution. However, schools are largely determined by the personal stories of the people who have attended them, and therefore the author of the project considers it important to not generalize individual experiences. The recordings of informal conversations touch on a wide range of topics, from the relationship between art and parenthood, the setting up of relationships between studio leaders and students, etc. Last but not least, the interviews present us with a different view of the functioning of art education. 

text: Josef Mrva

curator: Tomáš Plachký

The project includes artists: Barbora Lungová, Denisa Krausová, Hana Linhartová, Katarína Hládeková, Lenka Veselá, Lucie Ferlíková, Natálie Perkof, Nina Grůňová, Tamara Vlčková, Anežka Turková and Marie Tomanová.

graphic design: Barbora Fisherová, Kateřina Srbová



  • Nov 11 - Dec 11, 2019


  • FaVU galerie
  • Brno, Czech Republic