Exhibition: Sep 19 - Oct 11, 2018

All right, almost certainly

Daniela Baráčková, Tereza Jindrová, Tereza Severová


The joint project of Daniela Baráčková, Tereza Jindrová and Tereza Severová follows the already realized exhibition Full room and sixty-two extra kilos (Karlin Studios, 2016). Besides the common friendship, the artists are connected by the effort of an unconventional way of story-telling, where they freely use elements of film speech, combine them with the visuality of a simple documentary, and completes the whole story with other media than fim or video, using objects or photography. Last but not least, they are also connected by the interest in topics related to women's perception of the world, the interpretation of emotions or vision. The theme of the show All right, certainly surely is the process of finding the entrench in others life.

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I was brushing my teeth with a medium toothbrush for exactly three minutes. For the interdental area I used a 0,4mm toothpick, then a dental floss around the stools. Finally, I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash, which took a minute and a half exactly.

I drive a car, even though I don’t have a license. The cars I drive are usually deformed somehow – they’re too small or too low or missing a roof.

Overnight, my hair grew significantly longer. I am happy, leaving it like that for a moment, then I go to have it cut short again.

I washed the dishes in this order: fragile crystal first, then water glasses and cups, the large plates from the back of the dish dryer, followed by deep plates and the dessert plates that were supporting them. Bowls. I used those to prop up the pots. I put pans and casseroles on top. Afterwards, I dried the cutlery, which goes to a separate draining board. I worked my way through sharp knives and peelers, then table knives and forks and soup spoons, finishing with coffee spoons and pastry forks.

My dog spoke to me. It is extraordinary, I know, but in his case I find it completely unsurprising. 

There are situations where I encounter some of my dead relatives. I am happy – after all, I knew they never really died.

I packed my suitcase. I put shoes and sandals on the bottom, each wrapped in a separate plastic bag. Over them I put a towel and a nightshirt. The other half of the suitcase is filled with trousers, shorts, then t-shirts and tank tops. I fit a cosmetic bag in the middle. I fill the remaining space with socks and panties. On top I carefully arranged a dress which shouldn’t get crumpled. Finally, I covered everything with two sweaters and closed the luggage.

I have got into argument with someone or have found about someone’s grave secret. Next day I have trouble realising that it was just a dream – I don’t know how to act towards that person.

I have an orgasm. After waking up I am not certain if it happened – or where it happened, in my body, or only in my brain.

I put the potatoes to the shopping bag first. Then a can of tomatoes and a box of milk. Two yoghurts, cheese spread, two oranges. Bag of pastry, biscuits and some crisps last, so they don’t get crushed. In the other hand I carried a pack of toilet paper and a bundle of carrots.

I am travelling somewhere. I get to the airport or the bus station, but I have no luggage, no papers, money or food.

I dream about places. Houses, stairways, flats, rooms, streets. Entire cities. Often, I know that I am in London or New York, for instance, even though in the dream it looks completely different than in reality.



  • Sep 19 - Oct 11, 2018


  • Pragovka Gallery
  • Prague, Czech Republic