Edgar Askelovic

  • Lithuania (b. 1987 in Vilnius)
  • Currently in Gifhorn, Germany.




2009 – 2013 (June) – Bachelor of Art, Fine Art, Birmingham City University of Art and Design, Birmingham, UK.   

Study programme include: Review and Orientation, Development, Critical Review and Analyse, Critical Review and Practise, Evaluation and Presentation, Orientation and Promotion.


2006– 2009 – Bachelor of Art (not finished), Vilnius Academy of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Study programme include: Professional English, Project Development, Plastic Anatomy, Drawing, The Art of Self Presentation, Computer Aided Design, Computer Design, Introduction into Philosophy and Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Contemporary Art, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, Basic of Video and Photo.


2002 (September) – 2005 (June) – Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School.

Study programme include: Drawing, Painting, Composition, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphics, Art History, Design, Animation, Photo, Video.

1994 (September) – 2006 (June) – Lev Karsavin School N46.



Working with clay, plasticine, silicone, fiberglass and resins, chrome, bronze, metals, stone.



2015 (8.08 – 19.09) – “TJ” 1/17, “US Candy” 1/17, “Venus Red”1/71, “Evident Plum” 2/71, Blackheath Gallery, London, UK.

2015 (5-25.08)- “Venus Red” 2/71, Future and Behind Exhibition, Venice, Italy.

2015 (6.06 – 4.10) – “HER” 1/17, Nord Art, International Art Exhibition, Büdelsdorf, Germany.

2014 – “ICON”, LICC 2014 Award: Shortlist, in category sculpture-professional.

2014 – Designed new offshoot of Fine Art – EMBED. Works with Crystal Clear resin.

2013 (July) to present - Based in Germany.

2013 (March to June) – Freelance work experience, portrait sculptor, part of Carole Feuerman's team, New York, USA.

2013 (January-March) - sculptor and moldmaker, CMA Moldform, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

2012 (September-December) – sculptor and  moldmaker at Wildlife in Bronze, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

2012 (August) - Solo Exhibition ("ICON" presentation) at Wellington, London, United Kingdom.

2011 - "Andy Warhol" and "Bagging Queen" sold to Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, Denmark.

2011 - "Andy Warhol" at Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011 (August) - Solo Exhibition ("Andy Warhol" presentation) at McDermott Gallery, Mailbox, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

2010 (June) – MAD ME Group Exhibition at Custard Factory, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

2010-2012 – Hyper-realistic sculptor at McDermott Gallery, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  *Art pieces: "Bagging Queen", "Trump", "Andy Warhol", "ICON".

2008-2009 - Kinetic installations, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2007-2008 - Stone sculpting, Vilnius, Lithuania.