Fabiola Di Fulvio

  • Switzerland (b. 1982)
  • Currently in Switzerland.
  • Merging figurativism and conceptualism, the resulting pieces offer clues that lead the viewer back to himself. Graduated in 2009, Bachelor in Fine art More and more working on installation projects since 2015, often using robots from the own collection
Being a woman

Being a woman

  • 2017
  • 6 small portraits in charcoal inspired by archive photos from the early 1900s portraying women imprisoned for various crimes. Projection of a collage on a charcoal drawing that depicts a female stereotype. Trestle with a large hammer resting on it.

  • Femininity and stereotypes. The combination drawing-projection emphasizes the difference between reali-ty-material and real-and mental projections induced by society: a conflict between original identity and collective expectation

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    Installation | 2017 - 2018