Silvia Amancei Bogdan Armanu

  • Romania (b. 1991 in Iasi)
  • Currently in Iasi, Romania.


We activate as independent artists, working with the issues triggered by the new paradigm of life exploitation and at the shelter of our micro community we try to assure our political / intellectual existence by means which could be understood as artistic. We feel the need of change and would like to put a shoulder to the materialization of this much needed movement, at least through the means available for us, i.e. questioning, underlining, sharing, so on and so forth.

Within the process of materialization of our political position we like to make use of all the knowledge and skill available to us. Therefore we consider our artistic practice to be trans-medial, flexible and shapeless, extending its subjective knowledge across the exhibition space, whether it’s a gallery, a street or the space(s) of the Internet.


Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (both b. in 1991, Romania) is an artist couple living and activating in the city of Iasi, Romania. They graduated BA (2013) and MA (2015) studies at “George Enescu” University of Arts (Faculty of Visual Art and Design) in Iasi. Working within the conceptual framework of new-media and having in the same time a background in fine arts, respectively mural art (Silvia) and painting (Bogdan), in their practice they are trying to transgress the physical and discursive borders of the object (and the labour inscribed in it).

Working together since 2012, the two artists have materialized a series of solo exhibitions, exploring / analysing / deconstructing / decomposing the new paradigm of life (exploitation).