Dobokay Máté

  • Hungary (b. 1988 in Pécs)
  • Currently in Pécs, Hungary.
  • I am interested in conceptual art and experimental photography, particularly through manipulating the medium and neglecting the apparatus.


Silver on Zinc no.2

Silver on Zinc no.2

  • 2019
  • Zinc, Silver
  • Silver from my students' used fixer on zinc plate
  • 4 x 7 cm
  • Silver leftovers (werk) - thumbnail Silver on Glass (petri dish) - thumbnail Silver on Zinc no.2 - thumbnail Silver on Zinc no.1 - thumbnail Monolith - thumbnail Silver on Paper - thumbnail

    3 / 6

    Leopold Bloom Award (solo exhibition plan) | 2019

In my work, I am dealing with the intercommunication of teaching and creation through “alchemist methodology." I have been teaching photography in practice for four years which has developed a unique perspective that would not have been possible to gain as being an artist only. As a teacher, I have had to look at the medium from a completely different view and have started to investigate the link between teaching and creating. I started with primary objects and materials related to the processing mechanism of analog photography. I used mainly the leftovers and the generated waste, like test stripes or used fixer. This experiment led me to understand medial metamorphosis during which some of the results took shape as new objects, whereas others transformed on the same material returning to the original medium. For instance, by getting the silver out of the used fixer, I made mirrors, I extracted the silver onto zinc and graphite plates, or I used the test stripes as negative and enlarged them onto direct positive paper. By transferring these ingredients and materials into different media types, they go beyond expropriation and this way they refer to the teacher-student two-way communication and relationship. I got to this project idea by teaching and watching my students workflow in the darkroom, experiencing with the used materials and the leftovers, resulting in finding abstract media aggregation, where reusing these materials mean metaphors and I have managed to add new layers as symbols of knowledge sharing and self-imaging.