Jiří Žák

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Zlín)
  • Currently in Prague.
  • Jiří Žák utilises a video essayistic approach to his films, reflecting ideas, politics, and history. He tries to add a narrative to complex issues via their internalization and change of perspective.


Neglect Syndrom Politics

Neglect Syndrom Politics

  • 2017
  • Video Installation
  • 36 min

  • Neglect Syndrom Politics is a three channel video-installation dealing with the disorientation of body within space and deformation of the field of view. This visualised situation is implicitly political.

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    World of Uncertainty | 2016 - 2017

This series of artworks is reflecting the consumption of information within a virtual environment and how it influences our political consciousness and activism and the notion of the internet as the 'place of stuggle'.