Mark Fridvalszki

  • Hungary (b. 1981 in Budapest)
  • Currently in Berlin, Germany.


Hommage für das Material III.

  • 2016
  • Mixed Media Video Installation, VHS
  • 8 min, 10 sec

  • (Text below. Sound created by FOR.)
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    Hommage für das Material III. | 2016

The video "Hommage für das Material III." investigates the liminal zones between matter and 'immateriality'. Robust, monolithic, abstract forms coagulate to moving 1s and 0s (.gif). The retrograde aesthetics and the pursuit of minimalism are emphasized through basic filters of the editing software at hand (Windows Movie Maker). This distortion in the imagery appears as interference, whereas the actual forms are pushed towards 'immateriality' and accidental image generation. In the course of multiple dubbing from digital file (.mov) to VHS tape prolific glitch effects are generated and permeate the imagery, like "living tissue over metal endoskeleton". "Hommage für das Material III." represents the alienated 'cyberscape', where rustic elements from a deep past are revealed as time capsules identifying their moment in a dramatic 'techno-greyness'. (This video contains appropriations from Zdeněk Burian, the famous Eastern European palaeontological painter.) Video: