Zoltán Kis - Prumik

  • Hungary (b. 1992 in Cegléd)
  • Currently in Eger, Hungary.




  • 2016
  • Acrylic, Mixed Media, Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Mixed Media
  • 150 x 170 cm
  • Babel - thumbnail Babylon - thumbnail Dogma - thumbnail Elba - thumbnail

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    Neon Series | 2016

Babylon: The Babylonian power of the individual to the place I was adjusted to the current situation. He wanted to dominate, but the individual questioning themselves, uncertain. Break the perfect scheme and a level of depth to go with this emotional state, whether external influences are projected, by feelings and go in the direction of decomposition, there where I inquires and destroys its own system. Elba: The sign, which in our case is just an abstract paint blot, even though it tends to present the complete satisfaction in the meaning of free association. It inquires the most complete and most beautiful feeling. Each element tries to strengthen the eroticism, but is not about heated, excessive pornography. Babel: God had mixed up languages, creating a mess, which had terminated the communication chanel of monolingualism. The artwork’s most important interpretation is making sign. A sign, which includes a form. Though there are not forms that can be interpretable, only theese aesthetical explanations that the artwork is being a sign itself, what was born and made.