Martin Balaz

  • Slovakia (b. 1979)
Electro - planet

Electro - planet

  • 2017
  • Glóbus a elektro odpad na drevenom stole // Globe and E-waste on table.

  • According to the report UNEP in 2015. Every year, the electronics industry generates up to 41 million tons of electronic waste from products such as computers and smartphones. Forecasts say that this figure may reach 50 million tons as early as 2017.
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    E-waste | 2017

"Electro-installation" as installing of e-waste. The theme is inspired by a my picture taken in Agbogbloshie (Ghana), where non-organically processed electrical waste imported from Europe and US. Agbogloshie the symbol problem in the world. Elektro-Instalácie sú inštalácie z elektroodpadu. Téma je inšpirovaná fotografovaním v Agbogbloshie (Ghana), kde sa neekologicky spracováva elektroodpad dovedený z Európy a Ameriky. Agbogloshie je symbol problému vo svete. Inštalácie sú taktiež symboly.