Martin Balaz

  • Slovakia (b. 1979)
Pharmacological visions no.1

Pharmacological visions no.1

  • 2016
  • Digital Photograph
  • medical blister, photo printed on paper
  • 40 x 30 cm
  • dimension of photo: 10x15cm.

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    Pharmacological visions - from their life. / Farmakologické vízie - ich života | 2016

It is an insight into the Residential-care facility where the long-term use medicines are taken. I have chosen this group of people, because I document and visit them for almost 10 years. I know what it is about, because I am chronically ill myself. They need not be the clients of residential-care facilities. They can also be cancer patients, epileptics, ... Excursion in the world of chronically ill patients to the world where medicine is an inevitable part of life.