Martin Lukáč

  • Slovakia (b. 1989 in Piešťany)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • 2016
  • Oil, Acrylic
  • 180 x 300 cm

  • I painted this canvases with Roel van der Linden as a "gesamtkunstwerk"

  • Ml gal kritiku 01
  • Ml gal kritiku 02
  • Ml gal kritiku 17
  • Ml gal kritiku 04
  • Ml gal kritiku 12
  • Ml gal kritiku 26
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    Painter&Painter | 2016

Martin Lukáč won the 9th edition of the award for young painting inPra-gue. For the occasion the painter from Slovakia was asked to make anexhibition in gallery Kritiků. He asked meto collaborate with him. To-gether we painted ten monumental canvases that are like big comics, commenting onour practise. The aim ofour society is ultimately realising cultural growth. The ongoing development of human capacities isneededto keep indi-viduals and society functioning. We needour history and simulta-neously weneed tools and space to move on. Inour cultural life we reflect onour existence and develop knowledge and ideas. One artist after the other, generation after generation, we contribute toour culture, toour existence. Painting isoneof the oldest forms of reflection onour existence, the medium has been following and leading cultural changes over 40.000 years. I paint paintings for no reason, or for all reasons. The main idea isto paint. Itis exciting tobein direct contact with history andfuture, with a simple movement of the hand you can change the path ofpainting, of culture. Everything isat stake during the making. One thing leads to the other. After a while itisdone. A new painting ispainted. Then I start all over again. Working with Martin it was not different, we laughed a lot. Ping-pongEverything that exists can also not exist. Wedonotneedto rush, the time of big changes in painting lies be-hind us, we can not invent the wheel every day. Today we can trav-el through time, we let goof the idea of linear development. Nooneasked tobe born, everyone has the right tobein this world. The struggle lies in accepting the miracle. We must keep our culture alive while we are trying to enter the phase of telepathy, the final stage. The last imaginable revival of art will be a collective achievement. Everybody on board! Roel van der Linden, Prague 24.10.2016