Marek Šefrna

  • Czech Republic (b. 1988 in Prague)
  • Currently in Prague, Czech Republic.

Models of puddles

  • 2015
  • Video
  • 6 min, 50 sec
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    Models of Puddles | 2015

I have located the occurrence of puddles after the rain as the wet maps begin to divide and form their habitat in the asphalt depressions. I filled them up with water and dampened a slight overlap in the edges with an absorbent sponge to achieve a natural drying process. Depending on the situation, I have supplemented them with surrounding natural products such as fallen leaves, dry fruits and seeds. At that moment, I achieved a complete model identification with the environment which usually just lies on the edge of daily perception. In a place that is often left to the mercy of everydayness and the natural process of disintegration, in a place of extinction and origin. Through this reconstructed scene, I create a tension between the reality, that is constructed, and the “true” reality, while the resulting picture of reality is basically absolutely accurate. I create a model of something that already exists, that has a previous existence, and that faces the future in which it will disappear.