Emille de Blanche

  • b. 1981
  • Currently in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Sculptor
Borderland (IV)

Borderland (IV)

  • 2016
  • Iron
  • 100 x 100 x 25 cm
  • 4 individual pieces

  • Emille 20de 20blanche 20(13) x
  • Emille 20de 20blanche 20(11) x
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    Bordeland (i-VI) | 2016

Borderland (I – VI) is Emille de Blanche latest series of work made in 2016. The works are about power, fragility and mental and physical barriers. With the work she is touching upon the grey areas concerning the private and the public sphere. Walls can be the physical and mental barriers we set up for ourselves. It may also be the phenomenon that separates two elements from each other. It can keep someone safeguarded or isolated, it can fortify or shield. It may be the fence that is set along the property line, it can be a four-meter high wall built in a militarized zone, it can be electrified, patrolled and guarded. It may also be of a more invisible type and consist of the railroad tracks, the highway, or maybe just the bike path that separate one area from another. Wherever we stand there is a tendency to habitually surround ourselves with these visible and invisible walls, which in turn creates different inclusions and exclusions in our communities and in our societies, spilling over to everyday life. Here and there you can hear calls for higher walls. Higher walls also provides us with lower ceilings and it is difficult to dismantle them once they are in place.