Miroslav Trubač

  • Slovakia (b. 1986 in Trnava)
  • Currently in Trnava, Slovakia.
  • Through sculptures I am trying to express the narratives that often draw on the memories and situations that seem to me paradoxical, absurd and insoluble.


Big Sofa

Big Sofa

  • 2009
  • Mixed media
  • 230 x 100 x 76 cm

  • The story about a man who has become a couch potato and resigned to the ideal of an active athletic alpha? Why not, the physical death is still far away, but the spiritual death has already come.

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    Fragments of Average Life | 2007 - 2013

The "Fragments of Average Life" series draws from the home environment and the immediate surroundings. The sculptures are metaphors of observed situations or paraphrases of the history of sculpture. There are paradoxes and irony, even a touch of sarcastic humor.