Miroslav Trubač

  • Slovakia (b. 1986 in Trnava)
  • Currently in Trnava, Slovakia.
  • Through sculptures I am trying to express the narratives that often draw on the memories and situations that seem to me paradoxical, absurd and insoluble.




  • 2011
  • wood / interactive sound installation

  • The household as a place where all the things start and some of them end, too. The conversation between man and woman cut out from 70´s and 80´s Slovak movies.

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    Home | 2008 - 2011

The "Home" project maps the cohabitation of a man and a woman in the same household. It is based on principles of duality, differences between the two sexes which we often find in modern societies in the form of symbols. "I'm just an animal looking for a home and Share the same space for a minute or two And you love me till my heart stops Love me till I'm dead" David Byrne