Jiří Žák

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Zlín)
  • Currently in Prague.
  • Jiří Žák utilises a video essayistic approach to his films, reflecting ideas, politics, and history. He tries to add a narrative to complex issues via their internalization and change of perspective.


Score for last week 11/15/14

  • 2015
  • 22 min

  • Ongoing series of performances - collaborative project with american artist Sara Dittrich.

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    Score For Last Week | 2015

Ongoing series of participatory performances created in collaboration with Sara Dittrich that asks audience members to examine how they individually interpret and experience the moving image. Each audience member received a toy instrument with a unique rule attached to it. The rules collectively create a unique musical score for the silent selection of Youtube videos compiled by Dittrich and Žák. The compilation was sourced and edited using videos which had been uploaded to Youtube the week prior to the performance. A collective interpretation of the compilation was made audible through the sounding of the audience's instruments.