Jiří Žák

  • Czech Republic (b. 1989 in Zlín)
  • Currently in Prague.
  • Jiří Žák utilises a video essayistic approach to his films, reflecting ideas, politics, and history. He tries to add a narrative to complex issues via their internalization and change of perspective.


Du Forma

  • 2015
  • Video Installation, Video Projection
  • 15 min, 30 sec

  • Short film dealing with problematics of archive and the moving images as deform reminder of the past. Fictional narrative is based on the real family archive.

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  • Dufroma
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    Archive and the Imagemaker | 2013 - 2015

This series of works deals with the problematics of film medium and family archive. What is beyond the notion of documentation of personal moments as the 'artefacts' in the collection.