Jenny Nijenhuis

  • South Africa (b. 1969 in Johannesburg)
  • Currently in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Urban Dung Beetle 1

Urban Dung Beetle 1

  • 2012
  • Digital Photograph, Limited edition archival print on rag paper , edition of 5
  • 22.3 x 27.6 cm
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    Urban Series | 2012 - 2013

Art has the power to change perception and how society views its own structure, it is a constructed and created reality into which a particular viewpoint is imposed. Through tools, intention, subjective approach and opinion the artist imposes a unique perspective onto the natural world and has the power to alter what the viewer sees. The Urban Series project aims to explore contrast in Johannesburg’s urban landscape from the perspective of its spaces (public and private) and how its multifaceted people interact and are defined within this. Through this project I wish to show an alternative perspective on the roles that people play in the city, to highlight the beauty and humanity, the excess and shortage, the innocence and the exploitation. People come and go - the city remains bearing witness to what has gone before.