Silvia Amancei Bogdan Armanu

  • Romania (b. 1991 in Iasi)
  • Currently in Iasi, Romania.

s.a.b.a - video-portret

  • 2015
  • Video
  • 13 min, 20 sec

  • A video-portret commissioned by Artycok tv.
  • Life is a Bitch - thumbnail Constellations of Desires - thumbnail s.a.b.a - video-portret - thumbnail The Omelet Manifesto - thumbnail It's time for Fordist physical labour - thumbnail Living room exercise  - thumbnail

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    Video-Manifestos | 2015 - 2016

Being inspired by an ideology (communism) with which we never had a direct contact and wanting to fulfill our duty as citizens by participating at the production of political subjectivity, we have adopted the the form and language of the political manifesto. In the same time we have acknowledged that the written political manifesto is a thing of the past making use of the video medium in order to make it more appealing to the others. In this process of revolutionizing the political debate, even though we tried our best, a lot of political content and potentiality was lost in this visual translation. In the same time we never had the knowledge to produce an alternative or a coherent answer to the problems underlined by us. Even though the videos are publicly broadcast on our YouTube channel, we still didn't had an impact on the social stage.