• India (b. 1971 in New delhi)
  • Currently in NEW DELHI, India.
  • Photographer based in New Delhi. Have had 5 Solo's Over 40 Group Exhibitions shown with various art and photo fairs. Won few important fellowships and awards. Works as photographer and teacher in New Delhi.


  • 2014
  • Digital Photograph, edition of 1
  • Photography on Archival Paper
  • 60 x 13 inches

  • Work created for my series on self trapped in the changing and growing urbanization
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    ENTRAPMENT | 2012 - 2014

My work is an exploration of self & the urban environment, where we are busy creating a world of material & objects around us. The aspiration of the urban being is changing rapidly & he is trying to cope up with the material world that works in different paces for different people. We are being judged continuously in today’s world. One feels trapped, regardless of however much we try to turn our heads away from that reality. We exist in a material chaos but we work towards camouflaging the truth, we are busy creating the physical space, but mentally we are burdened by the overflowing demand of the world we live in, creating a contradiction of our own existence. My work is based on surreal imagery & a metaphoric representation of self in the urban world. I have been dealing with the changing urbanization in the last few years & expressing my reaction towards it over the years in form of photography, Photography based digital imagery, Installation & video.