Miroslav Trubač

  • Slovakia (b. 1986 in Trnava)
  • Currently in Trnava, Slovakia.
  • Through sculptures I am trying to express the narratives that often draw on the memories and situations that seem to me paradoxical, absurd and insoluble.


OFF white

OFF white

  • 2019
  • variable dimensions

  • Installation view during the 15th edition of Art Verona fiera d'arte.
  • First Date - thumbnail Disturbia - thumbnail Learn to Fly II - thumbnail Live for nothing or die for something - thumbnail At The End Of The Hand - thumbnail The Borrow Hands - thumbnail Learn to Fly - thumbnail What makes you angry before you lose everything - thumbnail Love - thumbnail SWAG - thumbnail Island - thumbnail Ancient Feeling - thumbnail Mother - thumbnail When anything causing pain, cut it off - thumbnail Small Kingdom - thumbnail Chicken - thumbnail Undone - thumbnail Holy Spirit - thumbnail Hello - thumbnail Homeland - thumbnail Like Father Like Son - thumbnail Mud - thumbnail #outfitoftheday - thumbnail OFF white - thumbnail

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    OFF white | 2017 - 2020

The OFF white collection is mostly made up of recycled segments of damaged sculptures and old forms that I associate with found objects and create new compositions and values. The statues are also linked by a common denominator of white. White has the symbolic meaning of novelty, purity and innocence, but statues - with their ideas - represent personal moral and ethical failures.